Vegyen részt az Európai Franchise Szövetség pénteki webinárján

Vegyen részt az Európai Franchise Szövetség pénteki webinárján

Vegyen részt az Európai Franchise Szövetség pénteki webinárján

Az Európai Franchise Szövetség pénteken 11:00 órai kezdettel rendezi meg első webinarját.

Az online konferencián 4 imert franchise hálózat nemzetközi terjeszkedésre vonatkozó tapasztalataiba nyerhetnek betekintést.
A webinaron való részvétel a Magyar Franchise Szövetség tagjai számára díjmentes.

A webinar angol nyelven kerül megrendezésre.

A webinár az alábbi linken lesz elérhető: 

Password: 723877


You are invited, free of charge, to join us this Friday 11:00-12:00 CET (1 hour) for a panel discussion between 4 INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISORS who will share the CROSS-BORDER DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE of their BRANDS in EUROPE.


1. (and 2.) AMORINO member of the FFF-French Franchise Federation

Represented by Siobhan Eirnarsson, International Business Development & Oliver Borreda

Amorino was created in Paris in 2002 by childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi, Amorino delights connoisseurs around the world with its finest quality gelato, made according to the traditional Italian methods. Today Amorino is present in 18 countries and has become the number 1 premium Italian gelato counting twice more outlets than any other gelato competitor. We are proud to offer an excellent alternative to industrial, artificial, high calorie ice cream with a vast selection of organic and vegan options.  Our recipes are 100% made out of natural ingredients without artificial colours or flavours.

Siobhan Eirnarsson – before joining Amorino in 2013, Irish national Siobhan spent 18 years as a web developer at the OECD in Paris. With her strong international and  multi-cultural experience, she took on the role of International Business Developer expanding the Italian gelato brand into markets such as the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia,  Mexico, Morocco to name but a few.

Olivier Borreda – Since 2016 is Head of Development of Amorina for French speaking countries. Previously, worked for the Lagardere Group for 11 years.

3. fit20 member of the NFV-Dutch Franchise Association
Represented by Walter Vendel, Founder & CEO of fit20 

fit20 is an innovative and unique training method offering a science-based alternative which keeps you fit & healthy in 20 minutes-a-week with a personal trainer. 20 minutes in all (in-out-no shower) for a supervised effective and efficient “slow train”. No wasted time because sessions are personalised and by appointment only. 20 minutes in all!  fit20 combines human touch with cutting-edge technology in its boutique style studio’s.

Walter Vendel: Walter founded fit20 in 2009. Today fit20 has Master Franchisees in 8 countries on 4 continents and counts more than 120 studios in the Netherlands.

4. Card Group member of the SF-Swedish Franchise Association

Represented by Carolina Winterliv, Deputy CEO of Card Group International ABVice chair, Swedish Franchise Association & Board member, European Franchise Federation

Card Group is an International franchise company founded in 1997 by Carolina’s father Peter Hallstrom. Card Group designs, produces and distributes greeting cards and other gift products to Master Franchisees in 45 countries worldwide and is Sweden´s largest Franchise export company. Card Group products can be found in many of the world´s retailers.

Carolina Winterliv is the Deputy CEO of Card Group International AB. She has 16 years’ experience within the franchise industry, she started with Card Group in 2002. Since 2017 Carolina has been a board member and also now the vice chair of the Swedish Franchise Association. In 2019, she became a Board member of the European Franchise Federation.

5. OSCAR member of the bfa- British Franchise Association

Represented by Simon Bartholomew, Franchise Director, Past Chairman of the BFA, Board member of the BFA for International Affairs, Vice Chair of the European Franchise Federation

OSCAR is a pet food home delivery franchise business, supplying specially formulated pet food. As a mobile pet food business, it delivers a unique product in an exclusive territory. The excellent range of accessories, toys, treats, food supplements, bedding and grooming is complemented by nutritional, behavioural and veterinary advisors.

Simon Bartholomew is currently Franchise Director at Oscar Pet Foods, having been a franchisor since 1993,and with a network of almost 100 franchisees in the UK. His background includes senior roles with McDonalds and KFC. He also sits on the board at the bfa.



Biatorbágyon nyílik a 15. Stilianos Babauszoda

Tovább terjeszkedik a Stilianos Babauszoda hálózat. Június második felében a hálózat tizenötödik egysége nyitja meg medencéit a kisgyermekek és szüleik előtt Pest megye egyik legnépszerűbb

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